Impartial news platform created by Bath-based developer

By admin on April 04, 2019

Bath-based Deep Blue Sky’s Jim Morrison is developing a ground-breaking online news service which uses advances in machine learning to identify journalistic bias and recommend alternative viewpoints.

OneSub aims to create an impartial platform for discovering and sharing news which enables individuals to moderate their susceptibility to social media feedback loops that echo and amplify individual biases.

It is also set to provide a reliable income for rational, independent and opinionated journalism, passing on a proportion of its subscription charge to eliminate newspapers’ need to rely on advertising click-bait or paywalls.

Jim Morrison said, “We’re living in a society where fake news is rife and social media is disturbingly influential.

“Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are run by algorithms with the express goal of gaining attention. They’ve learnt that extremism in every form, from dieting to xenophobia, is the best way to get it. The outcome is increased polarisation of society which isn’t healthy or realistic.”

Currently in beta version, OneSub already ‘reads’ around 1,000 articles a day from a dozen mainstream British and International newspapers. After analysing each feature in detail (over 150,000 topics) they are collated into stories to help readers understand differing publisher opinion on a sliding scale of negative to positive.

Jim Morrison added, “We are also trialling a mobile app and desktop browser plugin so readers can feed the system articles from any source.”

After analysing the content OneSub will immediately suggest the next best article to read to present an alternative point of view.

OneSub is currently looking for business angels to invest in the project and a crowdfunding round will be opened in June.

In the meantime OneSub beta is currently available online with no subscription charge.